Tom Brady's Siblings: Everything to Know About the Athlete's Sisters (2024)

Tom Brady loves his three older sisters Maureen, Julie and Nancy, more than anything — including football.

Affectionately nicknamed the Brady bunch by fans, Tom and his sisters grew up in San Mateo, California, under the loving care of their parents, Tom Sr. and Galynn. The pair have been married for over 50 years and still live in the same Bay Area neighborhood where they raised their four kids.

Born in 1970, Maureen is the eldest of the Brady clan as well as the couple’s first daughter. She was promoted to big sister in 1974 when her parents welcomed Julie, and again in 1976 with the addition of Nancy. A year later, their baby brother Tom was brought into the mix.

From a young age, the Brady children were encouraged by their parents to branch out of their comfort zone and try new things. Yet, their passions always aligned with sports.

“Whether it was guitar, ballet, piano…we wanted them to try everything,” Tom Sr. told The Eagle-Tribune. “But all of them always seemed to move toward sports, which was fine with Galynn and myself. We were both sports nuts.”

Having three children involved in school sports created a busy schedule for the Brady family. In one year alone, Maureen, Julie, Nancy and Tom had a combined total of 315 games, Tom Sr. noted. Nevertheless, Tom and his sisters made a point of being there for one another. On National Siblings Day 2018, Tom took a moment to give his sisters a big shoutout on social media and thank them for always standing by his side.

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“When you are the youngest of 4 kids and you have 3 older sisters who are as loving and protective and caring as these 3 women, you count your blessings every day! I love you thanks for always being there for me,” he wrote alongside a throwback photo of him and his sisters.

In February 2024, Tom shared a rare photo of with all of his sisters on his Instagram Stories in honor of Maureen's birthday, writing, “Happy birthday to the best athlete in the fam. We love you so so much @mommymomo14."

Keep reading to learn more about Maureen, Julie and Nancy Brady and their relationship with the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

Their parents still live in their childhood home

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According to The Eagle-Tribune, Tom Sr. and Galynn still reside in their family home in San Mateo, California, where they raised their four children. Maureen told the outlet that their neighborhood consisted of about 70 kids. Though, Tom was never considered one of the big kids, no matter how much he tried “to fit in.”

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“I remember one time some boys were throwing a football around our street and they told Tommy to go deep. He ran all the way down the street waiting for the football and they turned around and left. They were such jerks,” she recalled.

The Brady family home is also located around the corner from Tom’s alma mater: Junipero Serra High School.

Tom and Julie are frequently mistaken as twins

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From their childhood even into adulthood, Tom and Julie are commonly referred to as twins. The brother and sister duo share the same birthday of August 3. However, Julie, who is the second oldest of the Brady clan, was born in 1974. Meanwhile, her little brother was born in 1977.

In honor of his 43rd birthday and Julie’s 46th, Tom shared a throwback photo of them on Instagram.

“I want to wish a happy birthday to my sister, Julie!!” he captioned the image. “You’ve always had a smile on your face, which has always kept one on mine. I feel so lucky to have you as my big sis!! ❤️”

Tom and his sisters are all athletes

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Tom Sr. and Galynn raised a house full of athletes! A profile in The Eagle-Tribune revealed that Maureen, the oldest Brady child, went on to play collegiate softball at Fresno State University. An All-American pitcher, Maureen was inducted into the San Mateo County Sports Hall of Fame and is regarded as setting “the standard for San Mateo County softball pitchers."

Similar to her older sister, Julie also played sports in college. She tried out for the soccer team at St. Mary’s College as a walk-on and later earned a scholarship. Meanwhile, Nancy, who is closest in age to Tom, received a scholarship to play softball at UC Berkeley.

Tom and his sisters were competitive as kids

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If anyone loves a healthy dose of competition, it’s the Brady bunch. Their father, Tom Sr., admitted to turning everything into a competition when his children were younger — though he and Galynn always got a kick out of watching their kids scramble against one another.

“I started it,” Tom Sr. told The Eagle-Tribune. “Everything we did, and I mean everything, like running home from church, throwing a rock the farthest … Everything was a competition. I guess it made things really fun, at least for the winner.”

Tom’s sisters were more popular than him in high school sports

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Tom may be a household name today, but it wasn’t always that way. Back in the day, it was his three older sisters who were making headlines in the local newspaper for their achievements on the field.

"Us girls, we were all pretty good in sports, always in the newspaper. Tommy always used to be known as 'Maureen Brady's little brother' or 'The Little Brady,’ ” Maureen revealed in a New York Daily News interview.

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She then recalled a writing assignment that Tom had penned during his freshman year of high school.

"He writes a paper, saying one day he wants us to be known as Tom Brady's sisters,” she continued. “He wrote, ‘One day, I'm going to be a household name.’ That's what he told my mom: ‘One day I'm going to be a household name.’ ”

Julie is married to a former professional baseball player

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Tom isn’t the only retired professional athlete in the family. His sister Julie is married to Kevin Youkilis, who used to play third base for the Boston Red Sox. The pair tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on April 19, 2012, surrounded by a small group of friends and family.

"It was definitely the greatest day of my life," Youkilis told WAAF radio station, per SouthCoastToday. "It was a lot of fun, good times. I know there have been some rough times with baseball, but — I don't usually talk about this — but it's something good, and I wanted to share."

Tom and his sisters have a combined total of 10 kids

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Maureen, Julie, Nancy and Tom are all busy raising families of their own. Tom shares daughter Vivian and son Benjamin with ex-wife Gisele Bündchen, and his eldest Jack with ex Bridget Moynahan.

Maureen, meanwhile, is a single mother of two daughters, and her eldest Maya is currently playing softball at UCLA. Julie and her husband share three children: sons Zachary and Jeremy and daughter Jordan, whom Julie had in a previous relationship.

The Brady siblings rallied their children together for a family portrait in honor of their parents’ 51st wedding anniversary. Tom shared the adorable snap on Instagram, writing, “Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!! 51 years of love and unconditional support! And so many beautiful grandkids to show for it! We ALL love you Sssoooo much!! ❤️❤️❤️”

Tom Brady's Siblings: Everything to Know About the Athlete's Sisters (2024)
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