Florida's Sawfest

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Barberville 2022

October 22nd, 2022 brings the 1st International Musical Saw Festival to Barberville, Florida! Located at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement in Florida's beautiful central highlands. Conveniently located to many of our States finest tourist destinations. This historic site is a cultural relic to Florida's long history in farming, geographically unique industries and native textiles and pottery.  The Settlement is a clear window to the past and a door to the future with its endless array of  musical concerts,  instrument instruction, dancing and by-gone trades and craftmanship.
Tim and Carol Martin are the main contacts for SAWFEST and you can reach them directly at their designated SAWFEST number: 
(386)999-1645.  Add (001) prefix for international calls and texts. 



We welcome all levels of Musical Saw performers and players from around the world to share in our growing community!
Be on the ground floor of 1st  The Florida International Saw Festival! .FloridaSawfestival.com is reaching out to SAW Players everywhere to  join our mailing list! You have a right to be heard let us know your out there and join our mailing list!

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We are in the process of upgrading this  website so expect more exciting news and content to be added as we move forward this month.
Musicians , Sponsor, Volunteers and also  Food and Craft Vendors there will be links for applications for your performances, donations ,  and festival services.  Merchandising and ticket sales will help build anew  networked community of Saw Players and their success will  be incorporated into the site.  Thank you all for your efforts for this well deserved community led non-profit!
The Barberville Pioneer Settlement!